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Sims 3 cover art

I was surfing the internet today and came across an ad for the Sims 3, I was unaware that this game was even under development, let alone ready to be shipped in 2 months (June 2nd). The game boasts improvements over it's predecessors, by allowing the user to us a color wheel to change colors of object. Sounds small, and really I don't know why they didn't do this before, but it's kinda a big deal.

I was actually playing Sims 2 a few months ago with my Fiancee, who had never played it. She became frustrated when trying to make a Sim Andy that the hair colors provided did not match mine. This new feature would allow the user to perfectly set the skin tone, hair color, eye color, shirt color, chair color, wall color etc etc. The user is also allowed to give the sims personality traits, such as being a flirt, a kleptomaniac, insanity, being evil, the list goes on. What they have basiclly done is bumped up the character creation screen. I love this. They also will allow the sims to move around the town, so you can actually just walk over to the neighbors with out having to reload everything. That's awesome, but I really want to look at the idea of character customization, cus I think this is a big issue that many game companies do not give enough credence to. The Sims is the perfect example as to why.

Manny on Steroids

Unless you've had your head in the sand you've probably heard that Manny Ramirez has recently be suspended for 50 games for violating the MLB's Performance Enhancing Drug policy. According to Wikipedia, and they're almost never wrong, the drug that was found in Manny's system is human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG), a woman's fertility drug, which explains the recent appearance of Ramirez.

I know what your thinking, the guy is sure devoted to his team, look at all that blue he's wearing. Anyway, the guy got off with a 50 game suspension. A minor slap on the wrist considering the guy is set to make 25 million this year, that was before the suspension. And the money he will miss due to his unpaid suspension is really a drop in the bucket considering the guy has made around 160 million since he started playing baseball with the Indians back in 94.

My favorite thing about this is his response to the accusations. I know, your surprised it isn't that I get to use photo shop to put a over paid scum bag's face on a woman's body. Manny said that he had seen a physician who unknowingly prescribed medication that is banned under the MLB drug policy. Why was his physician prescribing him a woman's fertility drug? Is there something your not telling us Mrs. Rami- I mean - Mr. Ramirez?

Boy Scouts say no to fat men
Boy Scouts say NO to the Bro-zeir.

I came across which is about the Boy Scouts of America placing a new weight restriction on counselors or parents who wish to take part in "high adventure" hikes. The new restriction? If your fat, you can't.

First thing, I am an Eagle Scout, so keep in mind I was in scouts, I did all those crazy hikes, got the crazy merit badges, helped old ladies cross the street. I've also take part in a few high adventure hikes. What counts as a high adventure hike? According to the news article, it's being 30 minutes away from a hospital by ground transportation, which would technically make almost all of my scout meetings "high adventure," as I grew up on the cross roads of Nowheresvill and Cowcud, USA.

Anyway, the scouts have decided that "obese people" probably should not be taking part in, you know, mountain hiking, or being more than 20 yards from a defibrillator. And this story is basically about how outraged people are about this. One quote from the site follows:

'"This is nuts," one poster wrote. "Guidelines are welcome, not mandatory policy. Risk and ability to participate should be a matter between the boy/parent and trained medical staff, not an arbitrary table." '

car buzz saw thing
Bet you wish you had one of these.

I think everyone at some point has a run in with a tailgater. Unless you are a perpetual tailgater, in which case, quit being an ass, driving like a prick requires no special skill or ability and besides, women say 3 inches is plenty anyway.

So if you can't tell, I really don't much care for tailgaters. The way I see it is that they are kinda dumb for thinking riding a person's bumper is going to make them go faster. Trust me, it isn't. Actually when someone comes flying up behind me (and I know I'm not the only one out there) and begins to ride my rear, it generally makes me go slower. So apart from being witless wonders concerned with the size of their engine, they also seem to take the serious task of driving a tad lightly. I mean, people die in car accidents, why recently two students from a town where I lived in died when they drove their car into a tree going way faster than they should have been. So yeah, the car will not always protect you, and you are not made of steel.

Mountain Man Andy
Little known fact, I was a Mountain Man
man for a few years.

I just came across this article by ABC. Apparently with the downward slump in the economy, AKA recession, some have taken to the centuries old practice of heading to the hills with salad spinners and looking for gold in streams and rivers. It's not a bad idea, considering the price of an ounce of gold is around $1,000. Find four or five ounces and your doing fairly well.

The thing that made me laugh is when I first saw the news article my mind instantly went to an old man with a wide brimmed hat sitting over a river and finally jumping up yelling "EURKIA, I dawn gone and stuck gold! ODALLAY!"

With the return of prospectors I'm sure the return of gold towns and taverns can't be far behind. And with those come songs like "oh my darlin' Clementine." Clementine being a girl and not to be confused with the orange of the same name.

I personally am waiting for the return of mountain men. As you can see by the picture at the left, which may or may not have been photoshopped, I am all set for the return of mountain manning. I mean, look at that beard. Do you know how long it took me to grow that thing? It literally took me 5 minutes to find a picture and clip my face on to it. I know, an eternity, but really it's nothing to mountain men.