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Brett Favre coming out of retirement?

Brett Favre is getting old.

I've heard talk around the sporting world that Favre is thinking about coming out of retirement, again, cus last time it went so well for him. If you couldn't guess from that slightly smart ass comment I just made, I'm not a really big fan of the idea.

Let me preface this by saying I like Favre. He's the kind of guy when he plays you can tell he really enjoys what he is doing. He enjoys playing football, and I really think the reason he keeps coming back over and over again is that he feels like he'll miss it too much to just stop. I admire that, and if he could still compete then I would admire that even more. But the problem is he can't. The guy in his old age is getting far more fragile, and last year the threw up a lot of interceptions. Is it a sad day for football that it's time for him to hang his helmet up? Yes, but don't forget Marino, Kelly, and Elway. These guys knew when their time was up and gracefully bowed out.

That's the key word that is missing with Favre, gracefully. I really appreciate when guys move to the city they play for and set up roots. Now let me just say that I'm a Miami fan, living in Western New York. It didn't help me too much growing up in "Bill's" territory, but at least my team won a Superbowl. Anyway, one guy I respect as a quarterback and I mentioned him in my last paragraph is Jim Kelly. The guy stopped at the right time, and he stopped for a good reason. His son had been diagnosed with Krabbe disease, and Kelly retired largely due to that. There are things more important in life that playing a game. Sometimes you need to stop, back away, and move on.

At his induction ceremony at the football hall o' fame, Kelly said fighting back tears "It's been written that the trademark of my career was toughness. The toughest person I ever met in my life was my son, my hero, Hunter. I love you, buddy." Class, nothing but pure class. Now, let's look back at good old Favre.

The guy comes back with the Jets the season that Green Bay probably was going to retire #4. Everyone thought the guy was done, he mentioned when he retired that he "didn't want to play anymore." Apparently they wouldn't allow him on the field with his walker and he couldn't fit his hearing aid in his helmet. There was also an incident in his last year with the Packers where Favre brought a shotgun loaded with rock salt on the field, told the other team to "Get off my law, wippersnappers" and began to fire indiscriminately at the defensive teams huddle. I think that incident actually happened agains the Lions, which is why no one heard about it, cus seriously, who cares about the Lions?

Anyway, suddenly Brett wants to play again? And what is really kind of frustrating is the guy did that not only with the packers, but with the Jets as well. Apparently Farvre uses retirement as a way to just simply get out of a contract and sign with a new team.

It's a sad thing to watch I'm sure if you're a Green Bay fan, watching the guy that for so long was the face of your team go out and seek a spot with your arch rivals the Vikings. It's sad, really sad. I guess watching anyone ruin their own reputation but just not knowing when to stop, especially when you've done as much for a team as this guy has, it's just sad.

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